Friday, April 29, 2005

Envy News - Web Site switches from PC to Mac

EnvyNews did it ... they Switched to Mac, a Web site for computer news and reviews has changed from PC news over to Macintosh market news and reviews.

The site states, "we're pleased to make the Switch."

Another sign of the shift in the market ... Are you ready to Switch to a Mac?

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mossberg: Tiger 'leaves Windows XP in the dust'

Mossberg: Tiger 'leaves Windows XP in the dust' :

A great read from Walter Mossberg and the Wall Street Journal. He states, "Mac's general superiority over typical Windows computers as the best choice for average consumers doing the most common computing tasks"

Mossberg states, "Overall, Tiger is the best and most advanced personal computer operating system on the market, despite a few drawbacks. It leaves Windows XP in the dust."

He describes the OS, Spotlight, Dashboard and programs called Widgets, Parental Controls which Mossberg describes as "the first operating system I have seen with built-in, system-wide parental controls", Video Conferencing, Smart Folders, Web Browsing with Safari, Security (a must read section), . and Automator.

Get ready to SWITCH TO A MAC!!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

AppleInsider | Apple grabs 3.6% PC market share in March quarter

AppleInsider | Apple grabs 3.6% PC market share in March quarter:
Apple's 3.6% PC market share in March quarter is a full1% higher than a year ago according to Merrill Lynch. The iPod Halo effect is the real deal!

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How to Switch to a Mac - Part 3 - What kind of user are you?

Revised December 11, 2005

What type of user are you, consumer, professional, or a hybrid?

Mac users generally fall into one of two classes, Professional or Consumer. Based on the user type, Apple has hardware and software to cater to that user. Apple currently offers six Mac models that can be customized to suit your needs. A benefit of purchasing a Mac is that the hardware and software are truly integrated, Apple builds both the hardware and the operating system.

Professional User
A Professional user is one whose career or hobby is centered around power, speed, and productivity. Professional users are often Photographers, Graphic Artists, Film Makers, Video Editors, Musicians, Software Developers, IT Professionals, Engineers, Scientists, Universities, Fortune 500 comapanies, and Governments. As a result, these users require powerful and customizable systems and are willing to pay top dollar. Many enterprises and companies purchase from the "Power" line of Mac hardware, PowerMacs and Powerbooks to run their businesses.

Apple offers the following products under their Professional line:
  • PowerMac G5
  • PowerBook
  • XServe
  • XServe Raid

Professional Users require Professional level software. Apple’s professional software includes the following:

  • Final Cut Studio – a suite of software and tools for video and audio production
  • Final Cut Pro/Final Cut Pro HD – a digital nonlinear editing tool
  • DVD Studio Pro - DVD authoring
  • Motion - real-time motion graphics software
  • Shake - Digital composition
  • Logic - Digital audio editing
  • Aperture - Digital photography management and editing

OS X's industrial-strength, UNIX-based operating system provides the computing power that professionals demand. The inherient Apple hardware and software integration gives professional users the performance and ease of use they need to be productive.

Many software vendors have professional software for the Macintosh platform such as Adobe, Macromedia, and Wolfram Research. Professional users will also use many of the applications and software listed in the Consumer user section below. A great resource to check out Apple's professional line of products and customers is at Apple's Pro site.

Consumer User
A Consumer User is one who computing experience is centered around functionality, ease of everyday use, and value. Consumer users are often those who use their systems to email, browse the web, have a digital lifestyle where they want to upload/share photographs, and stay connected with friends and family.

A Consumer user will most often answer yes to the following questions:

  • Do you have a Digital Lifestyle?
  • Do you listen to music?
  • Do you make your own music?
  • Do you take photos with a digital camera?
  • Do you shoot home videos?
  • Do you share your Digital Lifestyle with others?

Apple computers and OS X come bundled with a suite of applications that most computer user need. Apple’s iLife suite is a collection of software for music, photography, movies and DVD creation. iLife is made up of the following titles:

  • iTunes - To purchase and transfer music to your iPod. Burn CD’s
  • iPhoto - Digital photo organization and editing
  • iMovie - Home movies and editing
  • iDVD - For DVD creation, integrates with iPhoto and iMovie
  • GarageBand - Music recording and editing

Mac OS X comes with several other applications and software that the Consumer user will find useful:

  • Mail - for e-mail
  • Safari - Advanced, secure, and safe web browsing
  • iCal - Calendar management
  • iSync - Sync’s your Mac with your mobile devices
  • Address Book - Store contact information for friends and family
  • iChat AV - Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing
  • DVD Player - To play and watch DVD movies
  • QuickTime - Video and Audio playback

Apple offers the following hardware for the Consumer user:

  • iMac
  • Mac mini
  • eMac
  • iBook

Hybrid User
A Hybrid User doesn’t quite fit into either the Professional or Consumer categories, they are usually a mix of the two types of users. The Hybrid user is one who demands more from their system but doesn’t really need to spend top dollar on a system that a Professional user requires. Most often, these are small business owners or hobbyists that need a bit more than the general user requires. In most cases, Hybrid users purchase PowerMacs and/or Powerbook systems.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Switch to a Mac for FREE - Fly Northwest Airlines to the US

FREE Apple iMac G5 or iPod mini when you fly to the U.S.:

Wow, what a deal! Get a free iMac G5 1.6GHZ when you purchase your tickets with your MasterCard card and fly Northwest Airlines World Business Class to New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

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How to Switch to a Mac - Part 2 - Where to Start

The revised post can be found at:

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