Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mossberg: Tiger 'leaves Windows XP in the dust'

Mossberg: Tiger 'leaves Windows XP in the dust' :

A great read from Walter Mossberg and the Wall Street Journal. He states, "Mac's general superiority over typical Windows computers as the best choice for average consumers doing the most common computing tasks"

Mossberg states, "Overall, Tiger is the best and most advanced personal computer operating system on the market, despite a few drawbacks. It leaves Windows XP in the dust."

He describes the OS, Spotlight, Dashboard and programs called Widgets, Parental Controls which Mossberg describes as "the first operating system I have seen with built-in, system-wide parental controls", Video Conferencing, Smart Folders, Web Browsing with Safari, Security (a must read section), . and Automator.

Get ready to SWITCH TO A MAC!!

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