Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Macs can work with, yes, everything

Macs can work with, yes, everything

"Macs can work with, yes, everything", an article\ that takes the position that the the long-held belief that Macs can't network with Windows PCs and applications ius just wrong. The article demonstrates that Macs can handle all common file formats, specifically MS Word, MS Excel, PDF's and MP3 files.

"By "all my files," Windows users think they're referring to programs, but what they really mean is all their documents. Mac programs handle Windows documents just fine. MP3 files? Use iTunes. Documents? Microsoft Word for OS X. Videos? QuickTime player or iMovie. Excel spreadsheets? Microsoft Excel 2004. Quicken files? Quicken for OS X. PDFs? Preview is designed for PDF viewing."

The author's postion on networking: "Windows users who ask that question don't realize that Macs network with Windows PCs better than Windows PCs network with Windows PCs". The article also takes the position that OS X is ready for most USB printers and digital cameras. All one needs to do is connect a printer or digital camera to their Mac and OS X automatically recognizes it.

Overall, a great read that attempts to break down the argument that Macs will not handle today's popular file formats and products.

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