Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mac sales soar; are we seeing more switchers?

Mac sales soar; are we seeing more switchers?

Another article providing additional commentary and support of more Switchers. It goes on to state that Apple's plan to lure people to Switch To A Mac is working.

Here's a powerful quote from the article:

"The analyst then goes on to cite the proliferation of viruses associated with the Windows platform as the major reason behind Apple's sales spurt, although they decline to offer much proof behind this assertion. According to Apple, 40 percent of their mac sales in the retail stores are to customers that are new to the platform, and a report published a few months ago by PiperJaffrey suggests that 16 percent of new Mac sales is to neophytes"

Overall, the Switch To A Mac transition is on and I expect this trend to gain momentum in the months ahead. I would like to see an Apple marketing campaign highlighting the benefits of using a Mac.

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