Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Macworld: News: Survey: Intel transition may cool Mac sales

Macworld: News: Survey: Intel transition may cool Mac sales:

"Intel transition may cool Mac sales"

This article posts some interesting data points. The survey took place from June 15 to June 17, about a week after Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. These data points back up my stance that Mac sales will likely slow as a result of the Intel processor switch. I would hope that Apple offers a promotion to prevent Mac sales from slowing to a crawl. I've spoken with several Mac owners and many indicate that they will wait to purchase a Mac until Intel based systems start shipping.

I've also posted a poll that has run the past few weeks. As of this posting, the data is as follows: (If you haven't voted, please submit your vote)

Now that Apple has announced the switch to Intel processors, will you wait to purchase a new Mac?

Yes 38%
No 35%
Not sure 28%

112 votes total

Ok, so one would interpret the results as fairly balanced. I would be inclined to state that those who voted "Not Sure" will most likely wait to purchase a new Mac.

Overall, I think Apple needs to respond to any slowdown in sales, and must do so quickly.

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At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need for Apple to panic on a sales slowdown for the next 12 months. Why? They are hot with the iPod. This is the ideal time to make a cpu switch on the Mac platform because financially, they'll ride it out fine.


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