Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Brand Republic | Apple tops list of fastest growing brand in the World

Key data points:

- In the past four years, Apple has increased its brand value by 38 percent
- Coca-Cola and McDonald's did not even make the top 20 despite spending the most on advertising
- Nike came in at number 16
- Toyota came in at number 17 despite having the highest brand value - $25.8 billion

This demonstrates the power of the iPod to Apple's growth. Now, we have to see how Apple moves forward from this point. Do they widen the lead or fail to capitalize on this rapid growth. Will the switch to Intel processors help or impede growth. I still have the opinion that it will take consumers time to digest the Intel news and it will likely slow Mac sales. With rumors of upcoming Mac television ads, hopefully Apple can persuade consumers to continue to purchase Macs, especially those who are considering the switch. I'd like to see Apple run a promotion to spark sales of Macs and continue this rapid growth.

Apple tops list of fastest growing brand in the World:

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