Monday, June 13, 2005

Nokia, Apple Partner on New Mobile Browser

Nokia, Apple Partner on New Mobile Browser:

Nokia said it is developing a mobile browser for its Series 60 smartphone software in conjunction with Apple.

The statement listed the following:
- "The Series 60 browser will use the same open source components, WebCore and JavaScriptCore, that Apple uses in its popular Safari Internet browser,"
- "Nokia intends to continue its collaboration with Apple and actively participate in the open source community to further develop and enhance these components, contributing Nokia's expertise in mobility."

Nokia's Chief Technology officer Pertti Korhonen stated, "Open source development also enables close cooperation with the industry's best innovators, such as Apple,"

Does this indicate growth of Apple's software in the mobile phone area? We've already heard rumors of an iTunes capable Motorola phone. This is an interesting bit of news as the two largest mobile phone makers appear to be adopting Apple technology.

I have to start wondering what this may mean for Apple. If users get their first exposure to Apple software via a mobile phone, it may open the door to iPod and Mac sales.

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