Friday, May 27, 2005

David Kirkpatrick - Steve Jobs: Souping Up Macs? - FORTUNE

David Kirkpatrick - Steve Jobs: Souping Up Macs? - FORTUNE:

This is a link to an article from Fortune Magazine. The quoted text below indicates that more people are considering the Switch To A Mac

It also states that Fortune has learned that PC makers view Mac OS X superior to Windows and they want to capitalize on it. Furthermore, it states that Apple, Intel, and PC manufactures have Mac OS X running on Intel chips in labs.

The following is quoted from the article:

"For one thing, Intel badly wants to sell its chips to Apple. For another, PC makers realize that the Mac OS X operating system is superior to Microsoft's Windows, and they want a piece of that market. FORTUNE has learned that Apple, Intel, and several PC companies already have the Mac OS X operating system working on Intel chips in their labs. And then there's the fact that more PC users are considering switching away from Windows."

The article goes on to state:

“Most tantalizing of all is scuttlebutt that three of the biggest PC makers are wooing Jobs to let them license OS X and adapt it to computers built around standard Intel chips. Why? They want to offer customers, many of whom are sick of the security problems that go with Windows and tired of waiting for Longhorn, an alternative.”

This is an interesting article to read. Let's hope that whatever happens on the processor front, more people decide to Switch To A Mac.

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