Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Macworld: News: Macs replace university's Linux desktops

Macworld: News: Macs replace university's Linux desktops:
"Macs replace university's Linux desktops"

The University of Melbourne’s Trinity College makes the Switch. A lab with 20 Debian GNU/Linux based systems are on the way out and will be replaced by G5 iMacs. Furthermore, their library and administration offices will be outfitted with 33 eMacs. An Xserve RAID system for backups will be implemented as well.

Now ... when will other Universities across the globe realize that the switch makes sense? The penetration of iPods across college campuses is a well known fact. It's time for Apple to take the iPod Halo effect to the next level. Apple needs to capitalize on people's love of the iPod and iTunes. If Universities begin to adopt Mac and OS X, that will expose many students to the platform and should help the switch to a mac. There's nothing like using a sytem before purchasing one. If Apple can make a serious pitch to get more of their system in Universities and Colleges, I think more people will decide to purchase Macs after experiencing OS X.

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