Tuesday, May 24, 2005


MacDailyNews - Apple and Mac News - Welcome Home:
"Apple Computer debuts two-page Mac OS X Tiger print ad in Time Magazine"

The ad shows two of Apple's Cinema Displays. It's a full ad that shows screenshots of Spotlight and Dashboard Widgets.

This is a good step ... we need to see more Ads to get people to Switch To A Mac

Wow, am I happy to see this! It's about time that Apple begins a serious marketing campaign. I hope this is just the beginning. Overall, Apple needs to make a strong push of OS X Tiger and Macs if they want to capitalize on the iPod Halo effect. iPod sales can only do so much for Apple's bottom line. I hope we see Television Ads in the near future.

Appleinsider published this comment from Steve Jobs:

Meanwhile, Jobs expressed his belief in the iPod "halo effect," noting stronger Mac growth over the company's last few quarters. Asked when Apple would reach a 10% market share, he said didn't know. "It's possible," he said. "...if people learn about our products, many of them choose them."

So if Steve Jobs is taking about people learning about Apple's products, this may mean that Apple is about to make a serious marketing push.

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