Saturday, June 18, 2005

Are Mac sales slowing?

Think Secret - Are Mac sales slowing

An article at ThinkSecret states the following:

Inventory checks across the board for Apple warehouses show most products in lower than normal stock, although most items still are reflecting same day shipping status at the online Apple Store. In contrast, inventory checks at Apple distributors Ingram Micro and Tech Data show plentiful quantities of Apple products across the board, although sources note a curious downtick in the number of new orders for Apple hardware at Ingram Micro.

Is this the beginning of a trend or is this a problem at Ingram Micro. Does this have anything to do with the Intel announcement. Overall, I expect Mac sales to slow as a result of the transition to Intel processors. The slow down in new orders at Ingram Micro may be one of the first data points to indicate that Mac sales are beginning to slow as a result of the Intel switch.

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