Wednesday, June 15, 2005

'Mactel' Desktops May Offer Triple-Threat OS

'Mactel' Desktops May Offer Triple-Threat OS:

"'eWeek: Mactel' Desktops May Offer Triple-Threat OS "

This is a very interesting read as it offers insight/thoughts into the upcoming Intel based Macs.

A few quotes from the article:

- "While Apple developers initially looked upon Apple's choice to move to Intel processors with mixed feelings, the ability of the new Macs to also run Windows—a practice long since adopted by some Mac users who run virtualization software such as Microsoft Virtual PC—may be the fulcrum for the company to gain some new customers, ranging from computer enthusiasts to businesses."
- "Apple will not prevent Windows and applications that run on the operating system from working on its future Intel-based Macs, company executives said"
- "Microsoft executives have already conducted internal meetings on what Apple's move to Intel could mean. Microsoft's thinking, according to sources familiar with its plans, is although Apple faces the potential for an initial dip in shipments following its processor switch, it ultimately could recover to gain a couple points in market share."
- "Although it's unlikely that an individual or a business would buy an Intel-based Mac and wipe its operating system just to install Windows, the capability could woo enthusiasts who might prefer Apple's designs but still want to run Windows. It could also make it easier for others, such as educational institutions, government agencies, and small and midsize businesses, to choose Apple hardware."

I've stated in my previous posts that I think Mac sales will slow as a result of the Intel switch. Microsoft shares that view. I do agree that Apple has the opportunity to regain any loss in hardware sales and can gain market share once the Intel based Macs are released. However, I don't want to see Apple sacrifice current growth and market penetration for "potential" sales a year and half from now. That's why I would like to see Mac ads and promotions to keep sales up. Overall, I think we are just beginning to see Apple's strategy to dramatically grow it's market share. All in all, I see a bright future for Apple and the Mac.

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