Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Apple's Earnings

On Tuesday October 11, 2005, Apple Computer announced record revenues and profits profits for its fiscal fourth quarter, which ended September 20th, 2005. Here are the details:

- Revenue: $3.68 billion US (vs. $2.35 billion in the year-ago quarter)
- Profits: $430 million or $.50 per diluted share, $.38 per share after a one-time tax benefit (vs. $106 million or $.13 per diluted share

During the quarter Apple sold and shipped 1.236 million Macintosh computers and 6.451 million iPods. The number of Macs were higher than market expectations but iPod shipment were lower than expected, expectations were for at least 6.7 million iPods to be sold.

The higher than expected Macintosh sales are a key metric as it points to ongoing strengh and the much talked about "iPod Halo Effect". I've been saying for a while that there are more people making the "Switch To A Mac" and the increased Macintosh sales could demonstrate that assertion.

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