Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Apple release new version of .Mac, Backup 3


Apple announced an update to its online .Mac service today. .Mac is a membership-based online service that allows Mac users to fully leverage their Macintosh experience on the Internet.

New features of the service include:
.Mac Groups: A service that helps members communicate and coordinate schedules. It also allows users to stay in sync with private groups of friends or colleagues.

Backup 3.0: An updated version of .Mac Backup software that makes it easy for members to archive their iLife and other important files. Specfically, iPhoto files, iTunes libraries, iMovie movies, iDVD projects, and GarageBand projects. It includes a number of new features, including incremental backups, the ability to backup multiple Macs, and a number of new presets for iLife applications.

Increased Storage: A dramatic four-fold increase in combined iDisk and email storage from 250MB to 1GB for individuals and 2GB for families.

Localization: Full French and German localization.

.Mac is available as a subscription-based service for $100 per year for individuals and $180 for familes (Family Pack) which includes one master account and five sub accounts

I was happy to see the increase in storage as 250MB wasn't adequate. Whenever I wanted to share new photos with family and friends, I often found myself removing a site or two from my .Mac Homepage. I'm confident that I won't have to do this as often. I now have the ability to post and share more photos. The added storage to my .Mac account will prove useful for Backup 3. I'm eager to start using Backup 3 as I want to test the variety of presets and I'd like to implement my own custom backup plans.

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