Thursday, December 01, 2005

iMac G5 Recommended - Forget Dell, HP, Sony or Gateway Desktops - Make the Switch

"A New Gold Standard for PCs" - The Mossberg Solution: "A New Gold Standard for PCs"

According to a new review by Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret of the Wall Street Journal, no desktop on the market from the four largest Windows based PC vendors can match the new Apple iMac G5. My view on the review is that it will encourage those considering the switch to purchase their first Mac.

The following is a powerful quote from the article:

"We've been testing this new iMac, and our verdict is that it's the gold standard of desktop PCs. To put it simply: No desktop offered by Dell or Hewlett-Packard or Sony or Gateway can match the new iMac G5's combination of power, elegance, simplicity, ease of use, built-in software, stability and security."

The review has great comments about Apple's Front Row software. Front Row is seamlessly integrated with Apple's other software to allows iMac users to play music (from iTunes), view photos (from iPhoto) and watch videos stored on the iMac's hard drive. You can also control Apple's DVD player to watch DVDs. All this made possible with a remote control that comes shipped with the iMac G5.

For you potential switchers you'll like to know that the reviewers stated the following:

"From setup to performing the most intense tasks, it's a pleasure to use. And, contrary to common misconceptions, this Mac is competitively priced, when compared with comparably equipped midrange Windows PCs; and it handles all common Windows files, as well as the Internet and email, with aplomb."

The article demonstrates that most current Windows users no longer need to be reluctant to make the switch. Mac OS X handles all of your Windows based files. Be sure to read my previous post on how easy it is to make the switch, Part 7- It's Easy

Mossberg and Boehret go on to state, "The combination of the new, improved hardware, plus Front Row, makes the iMac G5 the best consumer desktop you can buy this holiday season, period."

The review also outlines the benefits of using a OS X over Windows:

"Like all Macs, the new iMac comes with Apple's excellent Tiger operating system, which hasn't yet attracted any successful viruses and has no reported spyware. Tiger already includes the key features Microsoft is promising for its next version of Windows, due in about a year. These include an integrated desktop search, parental controls and tougher security. And it comes with Apple's iLife suite of first-rate multimedia programs for managing and creating music, photos, videos and DVDs -- better than any similar software for Windows."

To top off the review, they state, "All in all, we can heartily recommend the iMac G5."

For those of you who are considering the Switch, this article speaks for itslef and demonstrates the benefits of using a Mac. No other desktop on the market from a Wintel vendor can give you all the features, software, security, and stability that the new iMac G5 offer.

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